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Why Get a Home Inspection

There are many reasons for people to get home inspections and a lot of them are similar.
However, things change depending on the situation and on the type of buyer you are.

Take a look at a typical home inspection report we provide: Residential Inspection Report

What type of buyer are you?

First Time – More often than not, this type of buyer is overly excited about the upcoming purchase of his first home, causing him to just assume his house is a perfect house because, after all, it’s the house of his dreams. It is perfect… in his eyes. However, in our eyes there’s wood rot on the back patio, the bathroom door won’t latch shut, and the roof leaks straight through to the dining room. These are just the beginning of what we find for you, our customer, so you don’t have to be unpleasantly surprised by them later.

Single – Let’s face it, the challenges of maintaining and owning a home are huge for two people to take on, let alone just one. But, with an experienced person on your side helping out things will go much smoother. We go above and beyond the scope of the industry’s standards to know that you are getting the best service out there. On top of everything we are always willing to go through anything you need us for with you.

Historical/Vintage Property –We all know that older homes have that edge that others don’t, gorgeous features that just aren’t done anymore. However, because of their age and construction process, these homes require someone with a trained eye too pick through everything there and provide an opinion based on experience and wisdom.

Vacation Home – More often than not, these homes are found in areas with extreme weather conditions (snow, salt water, etc.). Because of this, vacation homes tend to take a beating from the elements rather quickly compared to homes in more moderate areas. They also need maintenance done more frequently since, after all, they are inhabited only part of the year, and a small part at that. We can provide you many ways to maintain through prevention in addition to finding the problem areas in these homes so you have worry fee vacations time and time again.

Investment Property – You know you want a sound investment when you’re out looking at the market and we know that many times investment properties seem like they’re not worth the work. But they don’t need to be troublesome. We at Premier One can be key instruments in determining the condition of your soon to be property, and help you estimate the cost of repairs.

Townhouse/Condo – These homes can easily give a false comfort to the buyer knowing that there won’t be as much maintenance as a detached home. But what happens when your neighbor is the one with a leak in the pipes? It comes through your wall. We see people try to patch problems like this and to the untrained eye it would seem like nothing. How about a saggy ceiling downstairs and new washer and dryer units up above? We know what to look for in these types of homes and where to look for it.

Multi-Family Home – These homes are a great way to provide a home for you and your family while producing an income at the same time. However, since you would be the owner/landlord, all responsibility for maintaining both your living space and the rental unit would fall on you. We can help save you money by finding any pre-existing problems in the home and by providing ways of using preventive maintenance before repair needs rear their ugly little head.

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